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I’m Dr. Ciera Graham. Seattle Native. Millennial. Lover of all things travel, food, social justice and self empowerment. A daughter to working class parents with unparalleled drive and ambition, and wisdom well beyond my years. I turn dreams and desires into fruition, and I am a multitalented entrepreneur. I am your quintessential millennial with a million passion projects and an impeccable hustle with a strong desire to create change in the world. I have been in jobs I have absolutely hated and struggled to find my true purpose while job-hopping. I started a consulting business with the goal of helping talented women and millennials build their confidence, and put the best foot forward on the job market. With years of coaching, hiring, and recruiting experience–I have learned that it’s not about what you have–it’s about how you sell yourself. For many millennials like myself, I know we have multiple passions, and we’re looking for a career that offers us flexibility, advancement and the opportunity for continued learning. I also recognize that career coaching isn’t just for corporate roles–everyday millennials with drive and talent need support too!

11 years of experience in higher education and career counseling, a doctor of sociology, and a diverse writer infusing subjects of social justice, career development for millenials, women empowerment, and leadership.

I am always focused on building my brand and expanding my audience. I like to engage with my audience via blog writing, guest speaking engagements, podcasts, and through workshops and training.

I have always valued authenticity, and it governs every aspect of my work, from writing, to speaking and coaching. I am focused on liberating my clients so that they can feel empowered, and discover their authentic voice. I also provide an exceptional level of detail and feedback for all resume, cover letter and CV reviews. If you’re feeling stuck in between jobs or need a career makeover in order to present your best self, let’s chat.

Are you a millennial looking for college and career coaching? Are you a business owner in need of a freelance writer to appeal to diverse consumers? Are you in need of a speaker focused on diversity and inclusion or career development? Let’s chat.

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Let’s debunk the myth that career coaching is only for those aspiring to executive leadership roles.

Millennials are multi-talented with diverse career aspirations–our brand and career success matters, too!

By 2025, roughly 75% of the global workforce will be millennials.

 Are you prepared to enter the workforce and market your skills?

Is your business prepared to attractive diverse consumers and employees?

Dr. Graham counseled me on applying for jobs after I graduated college. She reviewed my resume and helped me evaluate my strengths. She advised me to draw on past professional experiences to demonstrate transferable skills that were previously buried in resume. She also coached me on how to negoitate my salary. After meeting with her, I felt confident and excited about my own skills and my search for a new career path.

Nashika stanbro, current public information officer

Dr. Graham delivered an amazing presentation to a group of community college leaders and faculty on best practices for supporting students of color. Her passion is infectious. She shared empirical research as well as observations from her tenure in higher education. We all walked away with tools and knowledge to impact students of color.

Community college professional, student affairs

Dr. Graham has given me advice on resumes that have bolstered my ability to succeed numerous times over the past several years. Most recently, Dr. Graham worked on a resume with me and helped me realize how much I was diminishing my worth on paper. With pretty simple language changes my resume became a piece to brag about instead of a paper with some titles. I now look to speak more boldly about my accomplishments and that feels awesome.

Hayley statema, communications professional, non-profit

Thank you, Dr. Graham for your time, knowledge and expertise. I really appreciated all the detailed feedback you gave me, how extremely knowledgeable you were and so kind in your approach. You were able to pull out my most important skills, strengths and competencies on my resume and highlight them. You honestly not only helped me with my resume but you made me feel empowered. You were a pleasure to work with.

Testimony from career coach client



I offer customized and tailored career coaching for both new, mid-career, and seasoned millennials. I understand that job searching can be incredibly stressful and time consuming–and rejections can cause you to lose confidence in your abilities, talents and skills. I have a counseling background and I utilize a strengths based framework.
This means-I am here to help you identify, sell, and market your strengths, and help you discover your areas for growth. I have provided career counseling to candidates in all industries, hired employees, and I also communicate regularly with employers from diverse industries including Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and Marriott International. I know what employers want–and I know how to help you get your foot in the door. I provide detailed feedback and coaching in the following ares: interview preparation, job searching, resume and cover development, social media branding, and salary negotiation. All of my clients walk away feeling confident with winning strategies for career success. I know the importance of fulfilling and thriving career to your overall well being. I also understand the incredible journey and work it takes to get there–I can help in normalizing your fears and concerns through story-telling while also giving you practical advice for success.


As America becomes more of cultural melting pot, and companies are forced to reckon with making their companies more inclusive to women and people of color–enhancing their brand is the key to their bottom line. I am a freelance writer who specializes in writing pieces focused on careeer development, leadership, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
My writing has been featured in Career Contessa, the Black Women’s Career Network, Best Colleges, The Seattle Times and more! My writing is empowering, strong and I have a unique ability to write to a diverse audience. One of my frequent readers has said that my writing is not only exceptional, but it has the ability to captivate, motivate and inspire current and future generations. Check out my features page to see my work!


Need a speaker for your virtual event? I’m a confident and dynamic speaker who is extremely competent with technology, and I can adapt to meet the needs of your organization. If you’re looking for a keynote, workshop leader, or panelist–look no further. My doctoral degree and 11 year career as a higher education leader has allowed me to talk to a wide and diverse audience–from educators, technology professionals, and students. My goal for speaking engagements is to never lose the attention of my audience.
I have a PhD so I utilize theoretical concepts and literature to back up my claims–while making the speech relevant and easy to understand for both technical and non-technical audiences. My topics of expertise are: career development, women in leadership, diversity and inclusion in college and the workplace.

Client Tailored Approach. Empowering. Credible. Versatile.

Invest in Yourself. Seize the Opportunity. Make an Impact.