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I’m Dr. Ciera Graham. Seattle Native. Millennial. Lover of all things travel, food, social justice and self-empowerment. A daughter to working class parents with unparalleled drive and ambition, and wisdom well beyond my years. I turn dreams and desires into fruition, and I am a multitalented entrepreneur.

I am always focused on building my brand and expanding my audience. I like to engage with my audience via blog writing, guest speaking engagements, podcasts, and through workshops and training.

Are you a millennial looking for college and career coaching? Are you a business owner in need of a freelance writer to appeal to diverse consumers? Are you in need of a speaker focused on diversity and inclusion or career development? Let’s chat.

Let’s debunk the myth that career coaching is only for those aspiring to executive leadership roles.

Millennials are multi-talented with diverse career aspirations–our brand and career success matters, too!

By 2025, roughly 75% of the global workforce will be millennials.

 Are you prepared to enter the workforce and market your skills?

Is your business prepared to attractive diverse consumers and employees?

Dr. Graham counseled me on applying for jobs after I graduated college. She reviewed my resume and helped me evaluate my strengths. She advised me to draw on past professional experiences to demonstrate transferable skills that were previously buried in resume. She also coached me on how to negotiate my salary. After meeting with her, I felt confident and excited about my own skills and my search for a new career path.

Nashika stanbro, current public information officer

Dr. Graham has given me advice on resumes that have bolstered my ability to succeed numerous times over the past several years. Most recently, Dr. Graham worked on a resume with me and helped me realize how much I was diminishing my worth on paper. With pretty simple language changes my resume became a piece to brag about instead of a paper with some titles. I now look to speak more boldly about my accomplishments and that feels awesome.

Hayley statema, communications professional, non-profit





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